May 15, 2017

RIFA Rail Industry Fire Association

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RIFA is a global association established with the objective to share information, experience and best practice in the management of fire safety throughout the Railway Industry. Our membership comes from railway operating and infrastructure companies, suppliers of equipment and services to the rail industry and from the fire fighting services.

Railways have become the acceptable solution for governments, delivering sustainable transport. Consequently new railways are being built and existing railways expanded to provide for the ever increasing demand for train travel.

Fire prevention and protection for life safety and assets within railways involves special consideration that requires understanding of the operational railway and its users. Whether it’s a heavy haul goods operation, high speed rail, metro or light rail there are impacts from fire that have to be considered; RIFA is an independent and authoritative source of fire safety information for Rail Industry best practice.

RIFA has a global membership which enables information on practices and solutions from around the world to be available to all our members. Membership is open to anyone concerned with the provision of fire safety for our railways.

RIFA is the body that has become the industry voice to maintain Fire Safety standards throughout the rail industry.